Traction in the world of big data


  • Easy querying of complex data – can access all manner of data sources
  • Agnostic about how source data is structured
  • Vendor neutrality – frees organisations from dependence on the vendors of their legacy systems


  • Power – Hydra is a powerful query engine which uses semantic web services for semantic querying of data and is deployable in the health analytics space
  • Autonomous  planning and orchestration – no human intervention needed
  • Real time data integration – no need to conduct data integration, draws data from ‘in use’ data services


  • User friendly graphical interface – sits between the user and ‘the code’
  • Semantically rich environment – queries are constructed using familiar terms
  • Self service – the person who wants the answers gets to ask the questions as and when required
  • Technician productivity – a reusable library of easily modified queries means technicians can be more productive