Call for beta testers for HYDRA

We are expecting a beta release of our main product — the SPARQL query engine HYDRA for SADI services — in the spring of 2015 (shifted from the previous estimate Jul 2014). We would like to hear from prospective beta testers, especially working in Bioinformatics, Cheminformatics or Clinical Intelligence, who may be interested in playing with HYDRA to solve problems related to federation or semantic querying of data, especially of biomedical or clinical data.

Beta testers will be given the necessary software in the form of a Java API with a simple browser-based GUI, and will be provided technical support (within reasonable limits). They will also have access to IPSNP’s SADI services for popular biomedical databases and bioinformatics algorithms, and will be able to experiment with HYDRA out-of-the-box.

Researchers and developers from both the academia and industry are welcome to sign up, as well as researchers doing private projects. Selected beta testers will be given discounted or free licenses for the public release version of HYDRA (expected in the end of 2014).

To sign up, please write to Dr. Alexandre Riazanov, CTO (, and/or Dr. Chris Baker, CEO (, and provide the following information:

  • Name(s) and email address(es) of contact person(s).
  • Your research/technical background (a Web link will do).
  • Name(s) of your organisation(s) (private projects are OK too).
  • The nature of work you would like to do with Hydra, e.g., “federating data from proteomics databases to answer research questions about protein-protein interaction”, or “analysing drug candidates by integrating cheminformatics algorithms with data from public biomedical databases”, or “integrated querying of clinical data for cohort selection”, etc.
  • An estimated number of users that may be involved and their categories (e.g., “students”, “post-docs”, “ontology engineers” or “clinical IT developers”, etc. — anything that may help us to allocate adequate resources for technical support).

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